Sunday, October 31, 2010

What's So Scary?

Well the crap that's coming out in the theaters now definitely isn't.

Gone are the days of good scary flicks. The movies that make you jump before anything even jumps out at you. When will Hollywood realize that it isn't the blood, guts and gore that makes it scary, it is the music score, shadows, etc.

Alfred Hitchcock is by far the King of Suspense. He knew how to hold the audience in the palm of his hand.

What about the boogeymen of the horror flicks? Freddy, Jason and Michael. To me, Michael is the scariest. Each had their own traits that brought in the movie goers, but when it comes to the winner of Scariest is Michael Myers.

Freddy Krueger was the only one to speak, and his one liners could be pretty funny. The old folk tale of "if you die in your dreams you die for real" made his movie scary in the beginning, after a while, it got old. But in my comparison of Boogeymen, Freddy was probably #2. You couldn't get away from him because we all have to go to sleep right?

Jason Voorhees is the least scary to me. I guess because I wouldn't be in the woods camping anyway. My idea of camping has indoor plumbing, soft bed and room service. Jason became a serious joke, besides, if the idiots stopped going into the woods he would have run out of carnage. Well, until he went into outer space? Jason in outer space just went a little too far.

Michael Myers in the first Halloween was only called "The Shape" in the closing credits. The glimpses of him in darkness, the creepy music and heavy breathing - now that is suspense. There was not a lot of blood but it still made your heart race. AMC ran them over the last week, and I still had to watch with the lights on even though I have seen the movie dozens of times. Every creek made me look around and make sure the doors were locked and the alarm was on.

Then again, if it was any one of these guys none of those safety precautions would help anyway. *wicked laugh*

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