Sunday, October 24, 2010

As the Favre Continues

I know Brett Favre is a great quarterback, yeh yeh. I get it. But what is with the sudden fascination with the texts, photos and voicemails from two damn years ago. If it had just happened, alright. 2008? The trick, oh I mean, young lady that "released" them must be out of work and needed to earn some quick cash. Or, did he just break it off and she got pissed.

Let's get real here, I dump text messages after a week, why would I keep them from two years ago UNLESS I was giving myself an insurance policy. Reminds me of Lewinsky and the "famous dress" but I digress.

Favre was probably paying her a little attention, giving her a little money then it stopped and honey got upset. These women should realize that these men are looking for fun when they "the women" are trying to find a husband or their next baby daddy. These men are not going to leave their wives (it's cheaper to keep her) besides they are thinking, if she will do everything under the sun with me, she will do it with someone else."

I know there will always be another woman that will fall for their charms. Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming the women because the men do it and they will only do what they are allowed to do. As long as women let themselves be treated like a piece of meat, sneak around and meet them on the low-low - the men are going to do it.

Women are too much for that, at least I know I am.

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