Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Story Idea

I was going through an old manuscript tonight to try and get the writing juices flowing again.

It is hard to write a story with too many characters because it gets too confusing to the reader, so while people watching the ideas that come to me would best work by combining them into one or two characters.

A divorcee who has an obsession with a man she cannot have, and she fantasizes about this individual. While doing that, she tries to infultrate his life by befriending people close to him to try to learn things about him.

A woman is in love with him from afar and has explicit fantasies about him and writes about those fantasies in her blog, so everything is out in cyberspace for all to see.

This object of these two women's affections is oblivious to their adoration, and goes on with his life with his special someone that no one is aware of. He is happy and enjoying living and loving her and all of the people close to him.

The drama made by the two "stalkers" make for an interesting storyline and keeps the story moving as the reader sees the lengths these women go to get the attention of this man - who already has a special woman in his life.

Sounds good huh? My inspiration? Where do you think?

*sinister laugh*

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texas_fan said...

I'd buy that book!