Monday, July 19, 2010


If you are a QVC girl, you have probably thought the same thing I have during the Philosophy presentations about the Grace fragrances.

When either one of the Philosophy representatives speak about it and how people will randomly tell you that you smell good. I didn't believe it either. I liked the fragrances (Amazing Grace and Pure Grace) when I smelled them.

I was walking out of my office building one day and one of the clerks stopped me and asked what I was wearing, she said "you smell so good." I was like "thanks" and told her. Someone walked into my office one day and said "you smell good." I walked into our gym and one of the recreation staff told me the same thing.

Okay, I believe them now. I even experienced it for myself. I had changed clothes and left the clothes I was wearing in the car, when I got in I took a deep breath and realized what I actually smelled like to others.

Damn, I do smell good.

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