Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Air Travel - That's an Adventure in Itself

Ahhh, the joys of air travel. It allows you to get from one coast to the other in a matter of hours. It allows you to get to your destination and let your vacation begin quickly. Here's the rub...air travel can also be a gamble because there are other things outside of man's (or woman's) control. Mother Nature.

I left Las Vegas Monday @ 6am. The skies were beautiful, only minimal turbulence and arrived in Atlanta on time. Here is where my adventure began.

I was to depart ATL at 3:44, which came and passed. No boarding announcement then around 4:00, the announcement came that the plane that we were waiting on had not left Knoxville yet. They made the announcement that the plane had finally taken off, but around 4:30, the weather worsened at ATL stopped all flights. Anyone that knows a GA rain knows that doesn't usually last long. It poured, thunder and lightning for about 15-20 minutes and the planes started moving again. In the busiest airport in the world, those 15-20 minutes were like a lifetime. The announcements of flights cancelling began. Nothing for my flight so I was hopeful. The Knoxville flight came in and then the dreaded announcement - my flight was cancelled.

I went to the kiosk and scanned my boarding pass and found that I was confirmed on the flight this morning. WHAT?! I knew there was another flight, but it was full. Okay, well I know I was not sleeping on the airport floor. Can you imagine with my bad back? I would be in my doctor's office, if not the emergency room when I got home.

I went down to Ground Transportation and headed to a hotel. Now fast forward to this morning, I arrive back at the airport and do the self check in. WHAT?! The flight this morning was cancelled. They had reconfirmed me on a flight TOMORROW morning (yes, Wednesday!) When I got to the agent, she asked if there was another airport I could fly into. I gave her one and she was able to book me on that flight. It was 90 miles away from my house but it beat my family driving 200 miles to get me.

I get to the gate and did not get really hopeful because the way things were, I would not be excited until I was in the air. After a 30 minute delay, the flight took off and I was headed a little closer to home.

I finally got home and needed a hot shower, to wash my hair and get something to eat plus take a nap. I did those things and felt so much better. Thinking back over the events, I cannot complain because that had not happened to me in a really long time. What can you do about bad weather? Nothing, except wait for it to go over. It always amazes me when people fuss and cuss at the ticket agent. Okay what is that solving? They are not flying the plane; they are checking you in and telling you when to board the plane. If they had control would they really subject themselves to your lunacy? I think not, but people are just amazing sometimes. One thing is for sure – it definitely gives you something to watch while you are spending long hours at an airport gate.

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