Monday, July 12, 2010

Vegas Memories ... well kind of

It's well kind of because I don't have anything to say right now except WOW! This trip was one for the memory book. Being the writer I am, I will summarize my trip and post it later, but I wanted to get something out there right now while I am trying to get sleepy. I have a 6am flight, and will just close my eyes for a few before I have to get up to head to the airport.

The show tonight was just as beautiful and exciting as last night's show. The line up was pretty much the same except he added Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed instead of I Want to Be Somebody's Baby. For the fans, he sang Best of Me which is always beautiful.

During dinner, the two Rons and Joey came and sat at the table next to us. The Paris Hotel is beautiful, but it is so large and so busy I seriously prefer the intimate setting of the Hilton which is where I stayed this trip. The hotel feels different since Barry and the fans are not here, but it is comfortable and the rates I receiveed were too good to pass up.

I am already deciding on when I will return. There are still some shows I want to see - Cher being one of them so I will try to plan around her for my next trip. I have enough miles for a free ticket, so that is a good thing.

Like I said, I will post something more in depth when I get home. I had to take notes because I packed a lot in this trip and had to write it down to keep from forgetting. Alright, going to bed since I have to be back up in 4 hours.

Back to the heat I understand - HUMID!

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