Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Don't you just love it?

Well I don' fact, I don't look forward to it. But, I promised myself when school was done all of the things I neglected during the time I was in thesis land (which seems like forever) I would just pull out of closets and clean from top to bottom. I need to reorganize so I can find out what's in there. I know there are so many things that can be taken out and donated.

I saw drawer organizers on QVC and thought, what a wonderful idea. But that means you have to fold those things neatly to begin with. Come on, you can admit it, do you really fold everything neatly ALL THE TIME? I know I have my lazy moments and they are good to make it to the drawer let alone neatly.

You just feel so much better when everything is in it's place, you don't have to look for things and when you open the drawers or the closet doors - you cannot help but smile when you reach for something and it is actually there.

It takes time to get there, but life is good when you do.

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