Friday, October 9, 2009

Airline Surcharges

Every time you turn on the news, it seems the airlines are charging for something new.

First came the first checked bag. Now, they want to charge for preferred seats, being seated first, flying the Sunday after Thanksgiving and New Years. It never seems to end does it?

I sure would hate to give any airline execs who might be prowling the internet any ideas, but hell they probably already thought of these money making ideas anyway so hear goes.

Since overhead space is becoming a premium, they might start charging for the carry-on luggage as well. Did you see the airline that is asking their flyers to empty their bladders before getting on the plane because that may be cause for more weight, hence more gas being used. So, they may start charging to use the lavatory.

Hey it's far fetched but we are in crazy times. Once upon a time, your ticket price included everything and there was no such thing as added fees. Those days are gone. They cannot get you with the overpriced fruit bowls and $3 bag of M&Ms so they have to get you some way or another.

We are just at the beginning, there will be more surcharges in the future and why? Because they know you want to get to your destination. We will just have to be smarter than them. It might be cheaper to mail your luggage to your destination - if it goes FedEx or UPS it will definitely get there. On the plane, can they really guarantee that?

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