Friday, June 26, 2009

A Sad Day

First, we lost Farrah Fawcett yesterday. She had been sick for a while, and fought a good fight. We knew it was coming but still a shock to open up the internet and see Farrah Fawcett Dies at 62.

But, then yesterday evening to have the news broken into and be told that Michael Jackson was dead. For a moment, everything in my world just stopped. Could it be some cruel trick? Could it be real? What? Michael gone?

As the realization sank in, I thought about it. In the course of 24 hours, I lost two icons from my childhood. Farrah was my favorite angel until she left Charlie's Angels after that first season. I had blogged after her documentary. She was so strong and finally she is out of her pain. I know they had discussed they were working on a second part. She probably wanted the last chapter to be done, and if it is anything like the first portion - it will be gripping, touching and humorous all at the same time. That was her style, and she will be missed.

And Michael, oh who didn't love Michael's music? No matter how you felt about him, there was a Michael Jackson or a Jackson 5 song that made you tap your foot.

Watching the news last night, I had to watch it in bits and pieces. The news reporters take every opportunity to take jabs and now is not the time. There is plenty enough time to do that, but let us get used to the fact that this music legend is gone. The weirdness, no one will ever dispute the fact that he had gotten weird, and the everything else can be discussed later. Let's just reminsce and think good thought of him and keep his family in our thoughts as well.

A mother and father has lost their son, children have lost their father and siblings have lost their brother. Everything else can wait until another time. The media just runs out even in the time of sorrow.

I am listening to my Michael Jackson CDs right now. If I was still in LA, I know I would have been outside UCLA Medical Center along with all the others last night, just because ...

I remember when I moved there, I had to find Michael's house. I was able to see it, and at the time he was still living there (it was before he bought Neverland). So, when the Security Guard told me we could not stand at the fence, Michael might have been in the house. LOL That is something I will always remember because the house was off of such a busy street and you'd never think it would be. Hey I was 19 years old, would I do that now? Probably not, but at that time it was not long after Thriller and Bad albums when Michael was hot! I could not resist.

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Bonnie said...

It was a very sad day yesterday indeed. Two major icons gone too soon.

I remember having my hair done like Farrah's back in the day LOL. And although I did not care too much for Michael's music, I did enjoy hearing and watching "Thriller" on MTV. The man had a tremendous talent, and that should transcend all the other things at this point.

My sympathies go out to both grieving families, their friends and fans.