Thursday, June 25, 2009

As the World Turns ....

Well it has been another interesting week in the land of Barry.

Wednesday, a fan found out the Spokane show (which was already rescheduled) was finally cancelled. A discussion was started on the network; I was absolutely shocked that even some of the most dedicated have seen the light.

What happened next?

The discussion was removed and an "official" hotline was put out. It claimed scheduling conflicts, and no apology this time. Amazing how details get found out before something official can get out with their "side" of things.

Interesting aint it?

There will always be the believers that will take the hotline messages like the sacred word. Like the hotlines will never tell an untruth. Then, there are those of us that have accepted the fact that the term "friend" or "fan" whatever the case may be, means NOTHING.

One person expressed concern about the LA show. She has nothing to be concerned about for two reasons: 1) it is in Los Angeles where there will surely be stars and REAL friends in the audience,and 2) ticket prices...please! Those puppies are not about to be refunded. In this case – the show WILL go on.

As usual, I am trying to be the voice of reason to make people just think - we are all entitled to our own opinion. Believe TPTB or not, it is your choice but what needs to truly happen is people should take a stand and not continually accept being treated with no regard. Find other things to do that will not cost nonrefundable tickets, and dashed plans with friends.

I don't think the frustration that people are feeling are unjust; there is always a way of going about things. Calling names and just being spiteful is not right. But, feelings get hurt for a number of reasons and people react differently. I was quite upset about my vacation being cancelled, not only because of the shows but because I had other plans that were thwarted as well. I cussed a many a word and I am not totally over it yet and probably won't be for a while. It is my right, but one thing about me is, I know how to get my point across without hatefulness and ugliness being involved.

My prediction - Another hotline will be sent out announcing a new arena show. Or better yet, a hotline will pump up everyone for the PBS special from DC next week. All will be forgiven and not another bad word will be said. At least until another show gets cancelled then the cycle will begin again.

What will I do the 4th of July?

I will be watching the annual Twilight Zone marathon on Sci Fi.


Bonnie said...

The thing that gets me is the fact that TPTB don't seem to realize (or maybe they do and don't care)that in this age of the Internet, information is found out more quickly and can spread like wildfire. Such is the case of the recent cancellations. It was the fans who found them out before they could put the "Official Spin" on it. The first set (the June shows) had a weak apology, despite the fact that they tried to blame someone else for it, the Hilton. This time, it was more cold and callous. No "We are sorry" or anything else. Strictly business with the OH WELL attitude.

I know it's a business FIRST, but you don't treat your fan base like they are inconsequential. Perhaps they feel like they don't need us anymore. With the success of the past few years in Vegas, the three hit albums and all the awards, his career has taken off once again and we, the fans, have become disposable. But they will change their tune when the new album of "Original" material comes out. Then they will NEED our support because the general public won't be interested in it. Only the fans will. And by then, how many of us fans will be left?

They need to be reminded of the saying "Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other GOLD".

But no matter what WE think, nothing will change unless the fans change, and I fear that will never happen.

I plan on going to the movies on July 4th this year. I will not watch the big TV special. It is my own small protest.

No more a worshiping fan!!!!!

texas_fan said...

That's right. It's a business first. But the problem is that business doesn't value it's customers. And I don't care who you are, if you stop doing that it will crumble. It may take time, but it will happen. People will spend their time and money elsewhere. Unhappy customers have long memories. And those who sang his praises for years will be telling it like it is to anyone who will listen.

If it is a business first, they better learn some simple business practices and wake the hell up.