Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Since my vacation has been thwarted, I guess I will do something around the disaster zone known as my house. I am so limited in what I can do (no moving, too much lifting or bending, etc), but I am going to do some major reorganization.

One thing that I have been thinking about is changing up my bedroom decor. I purchased a Sleep Number bed (I am soooooo looking forward to its arrival). Hopefully, I can get a full nights sleep. The reviews I have read about it sings its praises so I am praying it works for me.

I need to pack up some books; my bookshelf is overflowing. Some women buy shoes, others buy jewelry - I buy books. The books are actually coming out faster than I can read them. My school work is getting more involved so I cannot spend as much time reading for pleasure as I would like. Three more classes, then my thesis research classes start and work on my thesis begins, so I can hang up reading anything until that is done.

Back to the bedroom redo, I cannot wait to change my surroundings a little. How long will it take? Who the heck knows?

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texas_fan said...

I did a mini-renovation of my bedroom yesterday. Just simply moving furniture around (via those gliders) helped my mood tremendously. Changing bedding, even organizing closets and drawers helps as well. Of course, it's no substitute for getting away, but you could make it into a mini-retreat :)