Sunday, May 31, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Make lemondate? Yeh whatever.

Amazing how we hear about cancellations from a fan that happened to call the Hilton to buy tickets for the show during Barry's birthday week. Finally, a hotline came out later in the evening, however, the dates were already off the BMIFC site and the Hilton site this morning. What does that tell me? That all of the players knew long enough to do that, but of course, the fans were the last to know.

It is becoming an all too familiar situation, the fans - who fork over lots of money, are treated as a second thought.

No, it doesn't change how I feel about the music, nothing's going to change that. I am just not going to continue to be taken for granted. The exact thing that we are always told that we will never be.

I have stated over and over that Manilow is a business, yes it is. But, any business person knows that you treat customers like crap what's going to happen? They will eventually get tired and go away.

The reason for the show being cancelled, we will never know - low ticket sales, Manilow hissy fit, Manilow getting ready for the 4th of July - I really don't care. What I care about is the fans and everything else that goes into scheduling a trip to Vegas being considered.

Fans coming from far and near have airline reservations, arrangements made at home, hotel reservations, other plans .... some of this have money tied up that cannot be retrieved back. Luckily, my plane ticket is refundable and I am just planning for the shows I have tickets for at the end of the year. Hell, since there is no BMIFC function planned around that, they probably will get cancelled as well. Some of the other fans are not as lucky. Hotel reservations can be cancelled, but airlines are not as forgiving sometimes.

The best way to handle planning a vacation to see Manilow. Vegas is just so easy to cancel, and done so with no problem. "Oh, they will come back." "They love Barry." Yes, we will and yes we do. But, it is best to think and plan accordingly when making these plans:

* Buy refundable plane tickets (expensive yes, but it is an insurance policy and in one's best interest)

* Schedule your trip around a BMIFC event (amazingly, those are never cancelled)

* Finally, go to an arena show (those are rarely cancelled, lately only one was cancelled and that was due to weather, the other was rescheduled - also with no explanation)

We will forgive him as we always do, but for me it will be in time. It will not be because of a vault song being released or Manilow TV being launched. I am not that easily swayed.

As far as my future trips, December might be the last. I hate my plans to be changed after I go to so much trouble to do so well in advance. Now, I am trying to find something else to do because I need a break from work. (Anyone that knows me know how much I HATE doing last minute planning)

I love Vegas but my main reason for going was for Barry - so what's the point? I will miss my friends, but any other show seats right now will suck. So, I will stay close to home and figure out my vacation destinations for next year.

I think I will stick to old Manilow DVDs and prepare for future ones that will be eventually released (nope won't spend any money on Manilow TV), at least I can play those (on my television) when I want to and I don't have to worry about cancelled shows....oh excuse me, RESCHEDULED SHOWS.

ADDENDUM: The show last night was cancelled as well. Interesting ain't it?

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Bonnie said...

With all the lemons I've been handed since November, I could make a dozen pies.

But all of the anger has already dissipated, because they heard he was sick. Yeah right!! The person at the Hilton who told me about the cancelled show and the reason why, rolled their eyes when they said it. What does that say? Plenty.