Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TNT and Girl Power

TNT seems to have realized what we girls have known all along. Women can headline a show and bring in the audiences.

Cable's No. 1 show The Closer stars Kyra Sedwick as a police deputy chief who always gets her man. It premiered last night and continues its Monday night run through the summer.

Academy award winner Holly Hunter stars in Saving Grace. It moved from Mondays to Tuesdays at 10. Grace is a trash talking policewoman in Oklahoma, and she has an angel, Earl.

Hawthorne starts 6/16 and stars Jada Pinkett Smith, who also serves as Executive Producer. From the previews, it looks like it will be a winner as well.

It looks like the summer won't be too bad in TV land.


texas_fan said...

I love "Saving Grace". It's a bit raunchy at times, but honestly, Holly Hunter is one amazing actress. I've been watching "The Closer" since it began. Last night's show was great as always. I'll have to check the other one. It looks good as well.

Peachy said...

I love Jada Pinkett Smith. I wonder if her hubby will make a guest appearance one day. Probably not, but one can hope. I love to see Grace and Earl, she just talks to him any kind of way and he still hangs around. LOL The Closer is a very good show; you think it is hopeless and then she figures it out and it is never as obvious as you think.