Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Convention News Anyone?

Am I the only one that finds it strange that there is nothing out there about the convention?

Wasn't there a Q&A with Garry? There has been talk about Barry going to England in the Fall, but Garry told us that during the Q&A in December. He told us the location and the time of year, he just didn't have the date at that time - so that was nothing new.

I know he surely said more than that.

What about the Q&A with Barry? Did he not say anything?

I figure he did not look out in the audience and fall hopelessly and deeply in love with someone because we WOULD HAVE HEARD about that.

One explanation was that there were a lot of newbies that went, and fans that really don't post a lot. I offer this, there were some vocal fans there too.

Who knows? Maybe the convention was not what they thought it would be. Maybe they were disappointed.

There will always be the posts begging for information. I have even called a couple of my "so-called Barry friends" that were there and heard nothing back. Hell, maybe they were all sworn to secrecy - but either way, this post here is my benediction. I am not asking, and have no further interest in finding out because if it were newsworthy - we'd know by now.

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D said...

I'll be posting - just haven't managed to get it all together yet.