Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here's to Las Vegas

My travel date is getting closer and I know that not because of the calendar but because of my crazy travel dreams.

They have begun and they are usually the same - either I am running late for the plane, I missed the plane or I am packing at the last minute. I did get a new one the other night, there was a backlog at Security. Yes, go figure but whenever I am about to travel it never fails.

Leading up to my trip, I get excited because I will be seeing Barry and seeing friends ... but getting there is what I am not looking forward to. A pain pill and a muscle relaxer should get me there almost pain-free. Even with all of that, I still hop on a jet - what Manilow makes us do.

I am going to be doing some other things while in Vegas. I try to make the most of my trip and get out onto the strip. I cannot say it enough, there is so much more to Vegas than the Las Vegas Hilton.

Vegas, here I come!!!

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