Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Funny

As I have told you before, my family should have a sitcom. My oldest nephew (my sister's son) is only 5 years younger than me and he was raised by my mother, so he and I are more like brother and sister than aunt and nephew.

Well, his father's mother recently moved into a senior living community. Her two children are not in the area, so my nephew is always there to help her out when she needs it, she just picks up the phone. Well, his father got married this past Saturday, and they were going to drive up to Atlanta for the wedding.

They get into the car Friday evening, drive up to Atlanta; when they get there my nephew calls back and tells his mother that Grandma Bertha didn't pack any undergarments. He was going to take her to Wal-Mart to pick up some things.

Now, my nephew talks very loud and is very, very funny. He can make anyone laugh. So he gets to Wal-Mart with Grandma Bertha (who is about 79) and as sweet as sweet can be, but she is getting very forgetful and we are worried about her. He calls my sister again and asks her what size underwear she think that Grandma Bertha wears because Grandma told him she didn't know. Mind you - he is in the middle of Wal-Mart on the cell phone now and as loud as he talks, I can imagine the attention he's getting. The funny part, he suggested getting Grandma a thong then he wouldn't have to worry about the size. My sister said "don't you dare get your Grandma a thong!" He said "Grandma, you want a thong!" My sister told him to stop talking that loud and just get her some regular underwear.

Oh my goodness, every time I think about that clown I just crack up. I know anyone in the area had to be rolling because he not only has a loud voice, it is deep - so it carries and carries FAR.

It's never boring with my folks. NEVER!

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