Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yard Sale

It is amazing the things that motivates a person.

I received a flyer in my box at work last week for a local charity. Next month, they will be having a community yard sale at one of the golf courses. The rental for the table will go to the charity, and whatever you sell will be able to keep.

I have blogged a couple of times about my bedroom closets and the state of confusion they are in. I have two closets in my bedroom that is just beyond words, and they are too embarassing to take pictures of.

The yard sale flyer gave me the motivation to go through and go out there to try and sell some things. I believe I will do pretty good out there, between clothng, books and other knick knacks - I will have a nice amount to contribute to my Manilow fund.

My nephew loves to sell things, and often rents booths at the flea market to sell things will probably go out there with me. I know I will not be able to sit out there all day, but the even will be an all day event and the turnout will be pretty good.

The sale will take place over 17 acres, so the yard sale goers will be in HEAVEN. I gotta get on it and start betting things together. I am getting excited now. Not excited about going in those closets but excited they might get back to some organization.

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