Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am swiping the topic from a fellow blogger.

Those that write will definitely understand this, there are times when you have the desire but the words just escape you. I will get up and have the desire to write a few pages - my mind doesn't always get the memo. I stare at the computer screen and the cursor that is not moving. I re-read the previous work to maybe get back into the flow of what I had written so far. Nothing, I can almost hear the crickets.

A trick that helps me is writing it out longhand. I know it is double work, but that trick usually helps me for some reason. When I start typing it in, I even add more to assist with the flow.

I have a friend that has written over 50 books. She currently writes for three lines: Harlequin Desire, Kimani Press and St. Martins. Those 50 books, she wrote while working full time. She retired last year, and now writes a book a month. I spoke with her Wednesday. The book she finished in March will be released in January.

I ask her all of the time where does she find the words, and even she says that she goes blank sometimes. Right now, she has tasked herself with writing 20 pages a day. This year, she has a book released each month, and looks like she is doing the same thing for 2010. Some of her books are continuing series that connect; then, there are the stand along stories.

So, writer's block is inevitable and happens to all of us. Those days that I have nothing posted. You know that I have just gone completely blank as well. I try to write when I have ideas, and post on different days. This blogging stuff is not easy, but since you keep coming back - you must enjoy what I say when I do find the words.

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