Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LV Hilton

I have expressed gratitude for the patience and great customer service we receive from the BMIFC and Stiletto crew.

Can you imagine being a Hilton employee? Okay, now imagine being a Hilton employee when Barry's performing. Or worse yet, when he cancels. I shudder to think. I believe I would get an instant migraine if Barry cancelled. Why?

The Manilow fans ... that's why.

They must have bad dreams about it, and hopefully get complimentary drinks at Tempo for their troubles.

It would not be so bad if it were just the fans that were in Vegas with tickets in their hands. But, they have to field phone calls from people in states far away, no where near the Hilton with no tickets for the show. They are just concerned. Yup, the fans sitting behind their computers are calling the hotel to find out why Barry cancelled. All of a sudden, the internet is abuzz with assumptions and rumors. This person calls and they hear this, another person calls and gets something else. It just turns into a bunch of different stories and no one really knows until something official comes out.

The Manilow fans surely generate a lot of revenue for the hotel, but I know the fans also generate a lot of problems. I have seen how rude some can be and it is really embarassing because we all get lumped together.

When you call to make reservations, there is always that question "what brings you to the Las Vegas Hilton?" I wonder if they are asking that to flag the reservation -POSSIBLE LOONEY MANILOW FAN!

Okay, my conspiracy mind is working in overdrive again but is that really too far fetched?


Bonnie said...

You hit the nail on the head. An usher said to me at the last cancellation, "thank you for being so considerate", when I asked her why it was cancelled. None of the others standing at the showroom door looked happy, and they were braced for the onslaught of complaints.

Then there are those that call Vikki at the BMIFC asking questions that they must know they will not get an answer too.

I sure hope these poor people get compensated enough for all the abuse they take. I know I would not have their job for all the tea in China.

texas_fan said...

It's not at all far fetched. I have definite proof that EVERYTHING you said is true. From a Hilton employee herself. Trust me..they ALL get migraines. OFTEN.

you begin again.... said...

No, it is not that far-fetched. Every casino (Vegas, Atlantic City, whatever) is big bucks. Spotting casino cheating and banning cheaters (card counters, slipping in fake chips, etc) is an art form. UNLV has students from all over the world to study game theory. Ever notice those little black bumps all over the ceiling? Big brother is watching - don't pick your nose or loosen a wedgie, you'll be fodder for the boys in the control room.

However, when it comes to Barry's fans, there is no science (the psychology is more complicated than game theory), the Internet throws a wrench in the customer service end, and there is no set and enforceable standard of behaviour, so you can't ban people for exceeding it.

At least not yet....

I don't know that we "all" get lumped together as fans. Some people don't know how to NOT stalk Barry, but most do. If the contrast is obvious to us, then it is even MORE obvious to the security professionals whose job it is to spot trouble before it starts.

Another way to tell the difference: the stalkers/nuts are there for Barry and the rest of the world doesn't exist. Like - wait staff and bartenders and doormen. The people who live on their tips. IMHO, the people who spend money in the hotels and tip well are the "grounded" fans. The oblivious ones don't even notice the help.

Embarrassing and annoying - oh HELL yes. But I don't think TPTB at the Hilton are so naive that they can't tell who's who.