Friday, April 3, 2009

This Is Embarassing

I almost didn't blog about this one because as a Fanilow I am truly ashamed.

I walked into Walgreen's and just heard the long note of a song. I knew it was Barry but for the life of me I could not place the song. I walked through and walk through hoping the song would come to me.

I left there - still nothing.

I picked up my lunch - nothing.

I was driving back down the street and then it hit me and I almost turned in my BMIFC card. (not really, but it is pretty bad that I missed it) Don't fuss too much at me it was just the last the oooooooooo at the end of the song.

Yup, the song was "Mandy".

Thus is the end of my story.


texas_fan said...

ROFLMAO. I call that disease SENIORITIS! Welcome to my world.

Bonnie said...

Don't worry about it. We all get brain-farts from time to time. Welcome to middle age LOL.

Still love ya.