Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh Barry ...

Okay, I get nostalgic every now and then. Tonight is one of those nights, and then it could be the muscle relaxer too. Either way, here goes.

I had a friend that did platinum this past weekend, and she was telling me about her experience.

You know whatever a person brings out of their meeting with Barry is pretty much what they take in. Some go in with these false hopes of being his best friend after spending five minutes, or hoping they will say something witty and they will be invited into his inner circle. NOT

My friend had a very good experience, they had a nice conversation...she is still floating on a cloud, and is totally happy. That is what the platinum experience should be. Not only are you contributing to Barry's charity, you get the opportunity to let him know what he and his music means to you.

Different songs bring memories of different parts of my life. During my platinum, Barry asked me how did I come to be a fan. It took me back to Newport, RI and being the new kid on the block and meeting my next door neighbor who's sister was named Mandy after her mother's favorite singer. After that, I was hooked. He looked at me with those baby blues and was surprised that after all of these years, I would still be interested in him.

Why wouldn't I?

Each song tells a different story, his voice makes you feel different emotions. Seeing him on stage brings you joy.

You know for that 90 minutes that you are in that theater or that arena...nothing else matters. The job, the family, the ailments, the bills are all on hold until the streamers all fall down and he disappears in the smoke.

I listen to Barry all day at work, it is part of my routine. Sure, I have my favorites, but I hum whichever one plays because it makes the person being obnoxious on the phone seem just a little less obnoxious because while I am trying to end the call, my toes are tapping to the music. (If they only knew)

A friend of mine said that the ladies in her office coined the phrase music selection in her office was "All Barry - All The Time." I like that, so I stole it. If asked what I am listening to - "All Barry - All The Time." How may I help you?"

If I have passengers in my car, which is actually named Denzel (for my other man) - I am usually asked, "Do we have to listen to Barry?" I say with a smile "Do you want to walk?"

Such is life right? We all have these kind of stories, and some people don't understand, some don't try, and those close to us don't get it but love us enough to not even ask questions. Occasionally, a new person will ask how long I have been a fan, when I tell them I get the shocked look and say with a smile. "He's my drug of choice and has been for more than 30 years."

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Bonnie said...

Ain't that the truth.