Monday, December 15, 2008

My Grown Up Christmas List

As I lie here looking at the gifts YET to be wrapped, I think about what I want Santa to give me for Christmas.

My list is as follows:

Continued memories with my family and friends, those things are priceless, and cannot be returned.

Continued good health, even the aches and pains are endurable because things could always be worse.

Nintendo Wii - okay it doesn't go with the sentimental stuff I have listed about but I REALLY want a Wii, and it looks like Santa will have to wait until January because everywhere around here is sold out.

This is the time of year that people base their happy holidays on how much loot they rake it. What we tend to forget sometims that our joy and wealth can also be measured in the memories that we make with those we love and enjoy being with at this special time of the year.

Think of the soldiers in the middle of the desert fighting a war with people that have been fighting since the beginning of time, thousands of miles away from their family and friends - is that ugly sweater you received really that bad?

What about that child dealing with a disease they cannot even spell - that gadget that really has no function isn't really that crazy is it?

Count your blessings, hug your families, and enjoy the holiday season.

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