Sunday, December 14, 2008

Looking Forward

This week will be busy for me, getting packed, leaving my desk clear so I will only have the stuff that happens while I am gone placed there for my return.

Ahhh, what does it matter? I will be in Barryland right? Well, I do have to come back to afford my next trip there.

A Barry Friend from the UK had taken her sons to the show; they were on the front row and totally into the show. Barry saw them and sent a personal invitation for them to come backstage because he wanted to meet them. Is that cool or what?

In the end, it is about the music. Not how many times you are in the front, not how many platinums or meet and greets you've paid for, not how many shows you attend. He loves to see our enjoyment to his songs, his music, and his shows - that's it.

He is probably still floating on the love he received from his UK friends; next week, he will be surrounded by quite a few of his fan club friends. Hopefully, we will leave him with the same feeling.

Overall, it will be a fun weekend. No one throws a party like the BMIFC, and to top it off, I will be spending time with two of my closest friends, so nothing else matters.

Updates from Vegas to follow....

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Survivor said...

Hi Peachy,

They were my sons in that show. It was magical and showed just what kind of man Barry is. He didn't have to do that, we weren't expecting it but he did and gave my sons and us a memory for ever!

Enjoy Vegas, I'm sure he will be on fire!