Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Hot Tonight

The Manilow World was jumping tonight, and I had to put my two cents in. I don't know if it was the fact that I was in pain and the muscle relaxer hadn't kicked in or what. I don't usually get mixed up in the craziness of the world because, unfortunately, some of the fans have blinders on when it comes to Barry and talking about it is totally useless.

We each have opinions on whatever matter that comes up, and there is a way to handle it. I have read some posts about the issue and some are rude, and some are not. We are human; Barry is human. Some of the fans tend to forget that. We are all capable of having a bad day. We all have said things that we regret. We have all said things we wish we could take back. If you haven't then keep living.

I cannot speak for Barry or any of those involved, but what happened at the Today Show has been done, and that bell cannot be unrung . The children were mistreated. The fact that they are sick children makes it worse, but if they were not, it still would have been unexcusable.

What is so amazing to me is the fact that so many people are quick to say, "oh Barry wouldn't do this?" or "I know Barry didn't say that." How do they know? We are only accountable for ourselves, and the only thing anyone can be sure of if what WE say and do.

I have read a few posts about something "official" being put out saying Barry denied this incident. I have not seen a hotline. Another post explains about how unorganized the Today Show was and Barry should have been informed of the other guests as such. Oh yeh, my favorite was the kids wanted a Meet and Greet.

We fans can come up with some good "behind the scene stuff" can't we? I guess when we talk amongst ourselves it is official.

None of us know for sure what happened inside Rockefeller Center except those involved and those that were inside. (The children, the Today Show staffers and Barry's camp.) Anything else is pure speculation.

Where did the mention of meet and greets come in? Did I miss something? I thought the children were guests, just as Barry was. The Today Show has been on air for many years and have guests every single day. The show is on three hours in some areas and four hours in others, I have yet to see a show where there is only one guest.

Who's organization is a well oiled machine? I know mine isn't - something always happens, that's what makes life interesting isn't it? Like any other organization, they probably have people that are not exactly people persons. That is not an excuse, but I am just saying look at both sides - somewhere in the middle is what really happened.

It is so easy to point at the fault being on this person or that person...but again, I have to stress, NONE of us where IN that Green Room or vestibule or better yet, inside Rockefeller Center so we do not know. The eyewitness accounts are witnessed from OUTSIDE and of course there Barry will be happy and smiling. He is a performer, of course he will do all of those things.

Until I see a hotline from Barry's camp explaining it AND issuing an apology, anything would just be speculation and stories made by the fans. Many fans that think they know everything about the man. We only know the Barry that he let's us see, we don't know him and NEVER will. He has stated himself that he can be a "not so nice" person, not his words but you get my drift. He admitted he is human - some just don't and won't ever get it. He has done this type of thing before of course he can do it again.

This incident does not change my feelings toward Barry; he has really disappointed me. How would any of us feel if we were written off by our friends and family because of something we might have said or done? We'd all be on islands by ourselves wouldn't we?

Ah, as the Manilow World Turns. Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode, it is a continuing drama, and sure as hell isn't boring.

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