Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Have Seen It All

A post was left of the memorial page for a 17 year old girl that lost her battle with cancer. The post was left by someone from the Manilow Network (I will not put her name up here) If by chance she is one of the many people that peek in and read my blog, I hope she knows what I am referring to her and is totally ashamed at her actions. Probably not, she had balls enough to put that on the woman's page, it won't make a difference.

To see the post, click on Just Life in my Barry Blogs listed. I'm telling you, it will boil your blood.

Am I shocked? Hell no I'm not shocked. Nothing from people surprise me anymore and definitely not the so-called Manilow fans.

I truly believe this post stepped over the line. Last night, everyone had different opinions about what happened or didn't happen. But this? This was just plain vile.

Karma's something else, you reap what you sow - I truly hope He has mercy on her when it comes back around because "oh boy" it's gonna come back around.

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