Friday, October 10, 2008

I Have an Idea for a New Reality Show

Alright folks, in the grand tradition of the latest reality television craze. What do you think of a reality show for Manilow fans? Think about it...

Paris Hilton has a new one debuting on MTV called My New BFF.

Diddy has a show entitled I Want to Work for Diddy.

So, why can't we have a show too? What would the name of the show be?
Barry Manilow’s #1 Fanilow.

The contestants are all required to live in the same house; they promise to play fair by placing their right hand on an autographed copy of Sweet Life.

Challenges can include Jeopardy style trivia contests, and what about a American Idol style Karaoke Sing A Long.

Contestants' reality show names will match their personalities. These personalities do not have only one representative, nor is this list complete because there are many types out there.

Reality Show Names
Miss Smart Ass
The One that has Lost Touch with Reality
The Obsessive One
The Mean Girl
The Know It All
The Dreamer (not to be confused with the one that has lost reality)
The Devil's Advocate
Miss Go Along to Get Along
The Cranky One
Miss Troublemaker
The Sweet One
The Good Girl
The Clueless One
The Spoiled One
Miss Realistic
The Pessimist
Miss Congeniality

Cameras rolling all of the time will capture the interaction between these types of Manilow fans; it will truly make for “Must See TV.”

I think the perfect final contest should be an obstacle course. Instead of the typical type obstacles, the course would include:

* a round robin with the revolving door
* maneuvering around a maze of black curtains
* jumping over gates
* with the culmination being the dodging of the bodyguards

The first person to reach the life-size cardboard Barry wins! The twist: Standing behind one of the cardboard Barry's is the real one. If she chooses and no Barry, she keeps the cardboard one; if she chooses and the real Barry emerges, she gets a backstage meeting and special VIP treatment.

I wonder if VH-1 would be interested?


you begin again.... said...

You know, there are so many thoughts running through my head on this post I can't pick one to start on.
I have to reset my brain....
Great job!

Stephanie said...

OMG !!! I just spit out my coffee! Can you see it now? It would be like the %$#&* Jerry Springer Show !! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

texas_fan said...

Well..I for one can't even begin to say how hilarious this idea is. And I'm with Steph...knowing the "personalities" that would be involved it would be a constant cat fight vying for attention. I would like to be on the panel that screens the applicants! :)