Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Never Boring in my Household!

Is there a reason a crisis does not occur on a Friday or Saturday night? There must be a conspiracy because in my world, Monday through Thursday are the norm.

Rushing to the emergency room at 11pm.
Hours at said hospital, first waiting on x-rays, then waiting on a doctor.
Emergency surgery.

Now there is an 11 year old that cannot speak clearly for a few days.

Like father, like son is all I can say.

To repeat, it is never boring here.


texas_fan said...

Dang Delese! I hope he's ok. Those types of things just wear you out..all the drama and the worrying.

Peachy said...

Thanks. He had to go to the hospital again Monday because there were some complications. He has to follow up with the doctor that did the surgery. The doctor happened to call from his vacation to check on him, and the office told him what happened - he gave them orders on what to do. He is feeling better though.