Monday, September 15, 2008

I Wish

A friend and I were talking and I thought of a few things that I wish for Barry ...


He could find (if he hasn't already) someone that allows him to be himself and just be a regular person.

He could walk around for a day without being surrounded by security.

He could go and hang out with friends in a restaurant or anywhere for that matter without being disturbed.

He can actually enjoy his own birthday party one year without getting bombarded with people wanting a piece of him.

He could spend time with the fans that just want to talk to Barry, not ones that go ga-ga over BARRY MANILOW.

I thought about these things because our privacy and opportunity to enjoy our free time is something we tend to take for granted. Yes, he is an entertainer and knows that his fans have different levels of adoration. Everyone is entitled to be "off the clock" at some time. Why can't he venture outside his house or even the suite at the Hilton? Well he can't...if he wants to peace and tranquility that we all enjoy, he has to stay in his own little world. It's the price of fame and it is so sad.

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you begin again.... said...

Amen all around. Can't add to it.