Sunday, September 14, 2008

Caption Pic

I regularly post pics on the network to get others to post their own caption. Here is one that I posted last week. The captions below are from some of the members, but I am not going to post their names here.

Oh, don't try to pretend that this song does nothing to you. What if I move a little closer.

PSST Debra, I told you they would be in the front row AGAIN tonight.

Psss...Debra don't be scared... just sing....everything will be fine!!!

"Debra, so do you think they have figured us out yet?"

Barry: Start meaning the smile, or your paycheck will be small. I know you haven't got off of your feet for around 12 hours, but that's life!
Debra: I hate you!... Sweetie.

Come closer so I can blow in your ear!

"just smile, and the'll take the picture and LEAVE US ALONE."

Debra, how about you, me, and a pizza after the show?

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