Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Women

I saw the movie The Women this past weekend. I went in knowing that it would be different and probably not as good as the original made in 1939. I love classic movies and it is very rare that any remakes will be anywhere near the original.

There were similarities between the two - the setting is still in NYC. Many of the characters names remain, Mary Haynes, Sylvie Fowler, Crystal Allen. I even noticed a lot of the dialogue remained the same, especially the fast talking manicurist played by Debi Mazar was very much like the classic.

Of course, the storyline would have to be modernized, and a perfect example would be inclusion of Jada Pinkett Smith. Her character was not in the original, and her character is also gay. It truly added a new dimension to the film, but it was only a part of her character and really had no bearing on the storyline at all. It just showed that in relationships between woman, of all walks of like, have different people involved in their lives.

Candice Bergen played Mary Haynes (Meg Ryan) mother, and she had the usual motherly words of wisdom. Bette Midler had a small part in the film, which disappointed me because the character she played had a larger part in the original, and she would have been even more entertaining tham she was in the brief appearance she made.

Eva Mendes portraying the role played by Joan Crawford in the original was such a let down. She’d never be in the league with Joan, but her portrayal of the other woman could have been a little better - at least that is my opinion.

I think overall, the film was very good and despite my comparisons - I view it as a separate film. I think if the critics do that and not compare it scene by scene with the original - the review would be better. I was not disappointed in the movie and truly think the actresses in the movie really made it more appealing. Not for a moment do I think any unknown actresses or new actresses on the scene could have pulled it off. I also believe that since I went in not expecting anything like the original, my mind was open to receive this version.

Oh, the final scene in the movie will have you in stitches.

If you have the opportunity to catch the original, do so. It was on TCM a couple of weeks ago, so it will surely be showing again soon.


texas_fan said...

I saw the original a few months ago. I wanted to go see the remake but the reviews have been terrible. I'm glad you posted about it. I think I'll take a "me" afternoon this week and go see it. I love all the actresses in it so I figured it couldn't be that bad, but I was hesitant.

texas_fan said...

I saw the movie yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was laughing and crying the entire time. I LOVED that Meg Ryan's character "found herself" in the movie. I like the idea of the "What Do I Want" board...we should all do that. I think sometimes we all forget to take time for ourselves. YBA keeps telling me you can't take care of everyone else until you take care of yourself.