Saturday, September 13, 2008


The last time I talked about my family, I said you cannot pick them or something to that effect.

Well, last weekend, I actually had a good time with my Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs crew - actually my extended family.

My brother and sister have a different father from me, but our fathers have never treated any of us differently. Their father treated me like his, and my father treated them like his. Our families all did the same - so theirs was mine and mine theirs.

This included their grandmother - I was just an additional grandchild to her. Granny passed away last year at the age of 96. She had all of her faculties; even at this age when I was visited her she’d slip money in my pocket (like I didn’t know). She would never take it back if tried to give it to her; I made that mistake once and knew she was not having it. So when I’d leave, I’d give it back to one my aunts and tell them to buy her something.

This past weekend, their father’s sisters had a family cookout and invited my mom and me. My mom divorced their brother fourteen years before I was even born but they still call her their sister-in-law.

These people are not blood relatives, but they are and will always be my family.

We went and had a good time seeing and talking with everyone - doing things like that make for good memories - it does not cost much, and you spend quality time with loved ones.

So often today, we get caught up in daily hustle and bustle, drama, family, work, etc. We only find ourselves getting together in one place because of a funeral. Depressing occasion but during those times people start to reflect. Why not get together and reflect just because? No occasion (good or bad) needed.

If that happened, maybe there would not be so much frustration and aggravation swirling around us. Take time to tell those around you how much they mean to you, don’t wait for that right moment - it might not ever come. Do it now!

BLOGGERS NOTE: I am in a reflective mood today, next weekend, I might want to go on the desert island I wanted to sail to last week. LOL

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