Sunday, December 12, 2010

We Turn In to Our Parents

When we are younger, we make a promise to ourselves that we will never act the way our Mom and Dad act.

Well, reality check - no matter how hard we try, we turn in to them.

I notice everyday how much I have picked up the characteristics of both of them. The trait coming to mind as I write this is the anal gene from my father. After 33 years in the Marine Corps, he was Marine down to his soul and things had to be a certain way. Don't get me wrong, his "crazy ways" did not seep into his home life - mainly because my Mom was not having it. She told him those were his recruits, and we were his family.

Anyway, Daddy would place things in certain places, his closet was PERFECT, shoes were left in align, and when he wrote (even on lined paper) he wrote with a ruler to make sure it was straight.

I am not that extreme, but when I put things away I have to put it away in a certain way, I have my desk at work where everything on top and in the drawers are in a particular order. When I do a project, I get frustrated when someone comes along and screws up my "vision."

Not bad, another example - before I bought my Kindle, I bought books whenever I walked into Walmart or Target so to say I have a lot of books would be an understatement. I made a spreadsheet in Excel listing the book titles and author; plus, i have a notebook with a page dedicated with each book (I put a copy of the front of the book and the cover blurb on there). So, now I can look through the book and check the spreadsheet in order to make sure I don't double buy a book which prompted me to develop this system. When I was going through setting this up, I found books I forgot I had so it was a beneficial project.

In closing, the best thing to say is to embrace those parental traits we inherit because it has become engrained in US besides were else will they go?

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