Thursday, December 16, 2010

We Miss Our Charlie

I think I have blogged about my co-worker who passed away earlier this year. He has been weighing heavily on the mind of a lot of us recently because he LOVED Christmas.

Charlie was lovable all year, but Christmas was his time. Last year, he decorated the big tree in front of the Director’s building. He and one student were up on ladders and covering it with lights and huge ornaments but in the end, it was beautiful. For our parade, he decorated his SUV, he made it look as if presents were coming out of the windows, hood and trunk. I wish so much I had my camera and was able to capture it. None of us got a picture, and that was the talk of everyone before the parade this year. No one wanted to even try to duplicate it.

His best friend received a Christmas tie in the mail yesterday. When he opened it, he came to my office and held it up. I told him it had to come from Charlie’s wife – it had. She placed it in an envelope with no return address or note to him here at work. He called her and she said, “I knew you would know where it came from.”

When I say he loved Christmas, it is no exaggeration. He had the ties, the bells, decorations all over his office and the day before we leave for the holiday you would find a tin of homemade biscotti sitting on your desk. No note, you just knew where it came from.

He was such a special person, and not a day goes by that he doesn’t cross my mind. There will never be another one. Charlie was truly special.

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