Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Airline Surcharges

The charges airlines are starting to apply to the passengers are getting absolutely ridiculous. I saw last week where Spirit Airlines will start charging $45 dollars for carryon luggage if you did not check in online (then the charges will be $30).

Come on, this is getting ridiculous. The airfare has gone up, supposedly because of gas prices, then the checked luggage charges. The checked luggage charges caused the influx of people carrying on luggage. The overhead bin space is at a premium and you are lucky if you are in coach and your bag is near you. I really think sending the bag FedEx or UPS to your destination will catch on. I know I would do it when visiting family...I know the bag will get there and if the airlines keep adding charges, it will most definitely be cheaper.

Aren't they charging for blankets and pillows now? I remember seeing that charge would be starting (NOTE: You can purchase a pillow and blanket set from WalMart for $15, made of fleece and it's yours), they already charge a small mint for the food on the plane (when you pass how many restaurants on your way TO the plane), you can't forget the charge by some airlines if you want to have an emergency row seat or board early, and the headphones (which can also be purchased at WalMart, or odds are you already own a set that you can just take with you).

What will they do next? Start charging to go to the bathroom? I probably shouldn't say that too loud or it might give them ideas. All of this and they wonder why people are not flying as much now.

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