Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm Back!

Okay, I really wasn't gone too far, but I just haven't had much to say lately. Between work and school, it was just had to come up with the words to go here since I have to already switch writing styles between those two.

I only have four more weeks of classes, then I have until April to work on my thesis. I have my sources and have been reading, so next are finding the words to fill about 80 pages.

So many things in the news that they beat the hell out of. I know Tiger is glad that Jay, Conan and NBC are battling it out because they have taken the spotlight off him.

Personally, Conan O'Brien is not funny and I thought the switch was a dumb idea - now NBC realizes it and wants to get rid of him. I think they should have let him go instead of putting him on the Tonight Show anyway. The Tonight Show is not his kind of humor and was not a good fit, maybe he can find something - he probably will but either way - good riddance,

I went to Vegas to see Barry's last shows at the Hilton. They were all great shows, from start to finish, he was up beat and loving the crowd. The last night, I think he did not want it to be sad because hye he is just moving down the street. So there were no sentimental songs like the previous two nights, it was fun and ended like any other show.

In usual fashion, I came home with a Vegas illness. It is usually a sinus infection or bronchitis, Well, this had to be extra special because it started as an upper respiratory infection; it did not get any better, so this Monday I went to the doctor and it had advanced to bronchitis. He was concerned with the congestion on my chest and told me that if it was not better by Thursday to come back for a chest x-ray. I did and guess what - I now have pneumonia in one of my lungs. LOVELY right, so I am in bed - which is part of the reason I am blogging tonight - I am bored senseless. There is nothing on television, I didn't get to the videostore to rent some movies and when I start reading and I fall asleep.

It has got to get better.

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