Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holidays Are A Comin ....

We were talking today in our departmental meeting how at this time of year, it seems like everything speeds up. This report is due, that report is due and along with all of that, there is the year end things that we want to do personally.

Family is planning to come in, come by, eat, and head out. I usually call those the moochers. Then there are the relatives that come and don't know how to leave.

But, it never fails, this time of the year goes by so quickly - after Halloween, you blink and it's Thanksgiving (which is next week). Blink again, and it is Christmas. The new year starts and we begin again.

There are so many things that we try to do, but we just need to slow down, enjoy being with the people we call family because face it (noone else will buy them and you can't give them away).

Happy Turkey Day! I plan to rent some videos, eat, and take plenty of naps!

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