Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whitney Houston - I Look To You

I am sitting here and listening to Whitney's new CD. I am so glad that she is climbing out of the pit she was in. It wasn't until SHE had enough would she seek help. Everyone saw it but Whitney needed to see it for herself.

Will this album be a chart buster like the others? That remains to be seen, but what it does signify is, that she is back and sounding wonderful.

I believe everyone wants to see her succeed. I definitely do, because she has one of those voices that can stand the test of time. She is not one of these teeny boppers that get on stage, shake their ass and skreech at the top of their lungs. Ask their names in about 5 years and someone else will have taken their place.

Good luck Whitney, I am definitely cheering you on!

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