Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gone Too Soon

Like A Comet
Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky
Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow
Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight
On A Cloudy Afternoon
Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle
Built Upon A Sandy Beach
Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower
That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon

Rest in peace Michael because while you were here on Earth you did not have a chance. You were too busy entertaining us, and giving to all of those with their hands out.

I remember watching the Jackson 5 cartoon on Saturday mornings; my favorite MJ song was and is still Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough. Off the Wall was a good album; Thriller was pure GENIUS.

Over the next few weeks and months, there will be so many things said to try and squelch your flame … but your true fans will not be swayed. No one is perfect, and everyone pointing fingers should take a look at their hands because there are four pointing back at them.

As I have said before - no matter how one may feel about Michael (love or hate him) one thing that we can all agree on.

He knew how to entertain!
He enjoyed entertaining!

… And damn he sure could dance!

Rest in Peace
KING OF POP - Michael Jackson
1958 - 2009

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