Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels and Demons

The early numbers are in for Angels and Demons. They say that it is the number one movie for the weekend.

I read the book years ago and when I read last year it was coming out this year; can you say "waiting a year for a movie" YES, I have waited a year for this movie. With Ron Howard and Tom Hanks - you cannot go wrong.

I was not disappointed at all by the movie. Ewan McGregor was excellent as well. The book and the movie were not as complex as DaVinci Code, so even if you have not read the book - you will enjoy it.

Of course for dramatic and time purposes some things had to be changed from the book, but there was nothing that affected the storyline. The only thing that I hated as because I read the book, I knew the bad guy, therefore, I spent the whole movie watching their mannerisms.

The Vatican did not allow for any filming inside for the movie, but the exteriors were used because it is part of the skyline and through the ingenuity of great editing, you'd never know. You see an outside shot then an interior view; your mind tells you that it is really inside the Vatican but it wasn't.

Ron Howard stated in an interview that he attended one of the tours and had on a hat, sunglasses and his collar pulled up. He moved along with the crowd and then he saw a guard coming towards him. He figured he had been spotted and was in troubled. Suddenly, the guard asked him ..... for a picture. Hilarious.

If you have or haven't read the book, you will enjoy the movie. Hanks was great, even had some comedic moments in it, McGregor was superb, and Ron Howard was genius as usual.

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