Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ultimate Manilow Reviews For Dummies

Texas fan posted about something along this subject matter this week. A Barry friend and I were talking today, and I had a little to add.

When we are not able to attend a show, we live vicariously through those fans that are there. I must add that Dana's reviews are the only ones I really read because the others are just plain ridiculous and I will just get pissed off.

The show last night was wonderful, Barry sounded fabulous and looked great. I didn't want the show to end. I cannot wait for tonight.
What kind of review is that? It's not...and frankly a waste of space.

So, here are some tips from the upcoming new guide - ULTIMATE MANILOW REVIEW FOR DUMMIES. If you care to add a few please feel free:

DO NOT tell us how fabulous Barry sounded. Ummmm, we know that already, it is a given. Move on.

DO NOT tell us how fabulous he looked. Ditto from the fabulous sound proclamation. Tell us something we don't know already.

DO tell us if he has told a new story/joke. We know most of them already, so if he tells something we haven't heard, that is newsworthy.

DO tell us if he pulled out a song different from the normal song list.

DO tell us if he made one of his Barryisms (funny face, flub the words of a song, etc.)

DO tell us something about the band. You know if you take the time and watch them sometimes, they are hilarious. Once, Danny was so into the song, he lost one of the sticks, he had to jump down and get it really quick - he and Ron were cracking up when he got back in place. Keeley, Kye, Monica and Melanie are always doing little things especially behind Barry where he can't see it.

One last thing and how can I forget this one. A review DOES NOT have to have one freakin WOO HOO in it.

We will have to work really hard to be as good as Dana with the reviews. I remember most of the song list, but I mostly can tell about something that happened on stage like forgetting the words, or the girls and Kye clowning around. I also take pretty good pictures but I don't usually post those because they wind up on pages of people I don't even know.


Crissy said...

Please don't tell us that Barry was really "naughty" during LLWMI or SITN and leave it at that; we would really appreciate the details.

Also, please refrain from acting as if Barry has performed a certain song just for you and your friends. You aren't the only people in the audience after all nor the only fans for that matter, and I doubt they'd appreciate being thought of as unimportant or not worthy of being noticed by you, Barry, or the band.

Peachy said...

Yes we want details. Not that cryptic stuff. And, you are right. I know when I have gone the place is usually packed, so I don't think he has been giving out any private concerts ya know? LOL

texas_fan said...

Do give us insight into the emotions of the music and the passion that goes with it.

Do not tell us he was HOT or SEXY or anything related to those words. It just reveals why you go and honestly, it's disgusting.

Crissy said...

Only in the delusional minds of certain people Peachy, only in their minds.

Bonnie said...

No one does a review like Dana does. She should be a professional because not only does she describe the show perfectly, but she also throws in her own personal opinions. And she doesn't pull any punches.

I wish all the reviews were as detailed as hers are.