Monday, April 13, 2009

My Doc

I think that I am very lucky because I really have a good rapor with all of my physicians. I feel comfortable with them, and trust them totally. I know you are supposed to, but there are some people that have doctors that rush them in and out of there. I never feel rushed with any of mine.

I had an appointment with my neurologist on Friday. She is the one that performed my back surgery. I would trust her to perform surgery on any other part of my body even if she had to get a text book and read step by step - I trust her just that much.

First let me describe her. She is tall, slim, dirty blonde hair that she always wears in a ponytail. She doesn't wear makeup, is usually dressed in a t-shirt with blue jeans and sneakers with her lab coat. She has a deep, husky sounding voice and talks loud. When I was first referred to her and met her, I could picture her sitting in a bar with the guys drinking beer.

One thing that she is and that is very honest, she tells you the good, the bad and the ugly. Before my surgery, she took the model and showed me everything she'd be doing, she told me what could go wrong, and she told me the percentage of the surgery being successful. You have to appreciate the honesty, and something else - she gives you the official term but then she uses an analogy so that you know exactly what she is talking about.

Okay back to my appointment this past Friday, we are talking and I was asking what could I do to reduce my pain on the long flight to Vegas that I have coming up. She gives me some suggestions then stops and looks at me and says "Are you going to see Barry Manilow AGAIN?!" I said "Yes." She said, "tell me you will at least do something besides see him."

I told her that I always have other plans when I go to Vegas. There is so much more than the Las Vegas Hilton there, I do leave the hotel. Then, she said "why don't you see Donny and Marie or something. Aren't they still there too?" She went out and told all of the nurses that I was going back to Vegas to see Barry.

I was surprised that she remembered it because she and I had only had that conversation once about Barry, and she never comes into the room with a chart - so it was still in her memory bank. I would refer anyone to her - she's awesome!


texas_fan said...

I wish I could find a doctor like that. My experience with physicians is totally negative. I can't say I've had one positive experience. I don't trusty any of them as far as I can spit. I never have. I watched them botch up my mother's cancer, basically kill my father and make such a mess of my cancer treatment. Be glad you've found someone you can trust.

Peachy said...

I wish you could find someone like her. She is truly awesome. I like the fact that she will give you the official term then an analogy. The surgery I had was a lumbar decompression; she said it is like cleaning the gutters on your house. Then, she took the model of the spine and showed me. I would seriously let her operate on me even if she had to use a textbook. She is just that good. The world truly needs more like her.