Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Little Traveling Music

Okay, those of you that are close to me know that whenever the time is getting close for me to travel anywhere - I have these crazy travel dreams.

It is always something that will probably never happen to me, but it is always some crazy, heartthrobbing drama.

I have three dreams that usually happen:

* I am running around the house packing just a hour before leaving to go to the airport.

* I am at the hotel on my way home, and the shuttle does not arrive therefore I miss my departing flight.

* I am rushing through the airport and have left my identification at home.

Crazy right? But, it never fails. I have been thinking about my trip a lot this week and I think that is why I dreamed one of the usual last night.

You also know (either because you know me or you have read me blog about it before), but I am anal and I have to pack by a list so that I am sure not to forget anything. So, I am usually packed a couple of days before I depart.

I stopped taking shuttles to and from the airport because I am impatient and don't feel like sitting there waiting for them to pile us in there like sardines. Then, stop at ever freakin hotel on the strip going or coming.

I do a double and trip check for my identification, and confirmation numbers before I even get in the car for the airport.

It is weird though the dreams that we dream. I have others that frequent me, but since this a public board - I will keep those dreams for my friends to know - not the nosey crowd that's just trying to find out info about me.

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Bonnie said...

Isn't a little early for the dreams? The time is getting closer and I can't wait to see you.