Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here At The Mayflower

The hotline message the other day gave the fans a gift. Well, the fans going to the convention. Barry will be performing some songs from Here at the Mayflower.

Oh, I wish I would be able to be there to see it. I am sure it will be a wonderful addition to the show. It will be perfect for him to show it with so many fans in the room.

I wish it could be put into the show, and after talking with a Barry friend last night, we realized the civilians probably won't get it. They want to hear Mandy, Even Now, The Old Songs, etc.

As we have discussed so many times, Barry's original works are wonderful and we love them BUT civilians don't understand and the record sales never do well. Paradise Cafe and Here at the Mayflower - PURE GENIUS, but in comparison to the cover albums ... well, we know how well received those were but, of course, the fans claim to be tired of them.

To me, it doesn't matter, I just love to hear him sing - so cover, or original - just keep them coming Barry!


Bonnie said...

I would not care if he decided to record the phone book. As long as he keeps putting out albums, I'll buy them.

texas_fan said...

I think some civilians will like it. I have a friend whose only Barry album is Here at the Mayflower. She loves that album and says its so different from his other music. If I could convince her to go to Vegas she'd love hearing those songs. We might be surprised at the reception.