Thursday, April 30, 2009

Golden Girls and Sex & The City

It is ironic that last week, I had made myself a note to blog about The Golden Girls, and another one of my favorie ladies ensemble shows Sex and the City.

In the 80s, who would have thought that people would have sat in front of their televisions on Saturday nights to watch four older ladies. But, they did. They show as a big hit.

The four ladies shared a house; their personalities were very different. Dorothy, was the intellectual one that was very opinionated. Sophia (Dorothy's mother) said whatever she wanted and got away with it. Rose was the dimwitted one that had a stupid story for any situation that arose, but she had such a sweet, innocent disposition. And finally Blanche, there was only one word for her - TRAMP.

The show was written and shows in reruns on several stations (Lifetime, WE, and Hallmark). I have seen every episode, but still crack up. Very good show.

This past weekend, Bea Arthur (Dorothy) passed away at age 86. Not only was she known for Golden Girls, she was the loud mouth cousin on All in the Family that got her own spinoff, Maude, plus some stint and awards for her performances on Broadway. Her talent will be missed, but she left a legacy.

The four ladies of Sex and the City are quite different than the Golden Girls, but then there were similiarities. They had close relationships, they had arguments, talked about men and sex, and personalities were quite different.

Carrie was neurotic that seemed to fall for men that treated her bad, and treated the men bad that cared about her. Miranda was the opinionated one that wanted to be the dominate one in the relationship. Charlotte was the nice girl that just wanted everything to be perfect. Samantha was one word - TRAMP.

Funny both ensembles had a fluzzie but Samantha and Blanche made the shows fun. Both had no inhibitions. I liked both characters, however, Samantha as more my favorite because not only did not she have no inhibitions when it came to me but she told it like it is - good, bad or indifferent and whether the other person wanted to hear it or not.

To have a successful ensemble, not only does the writing have to be good - there should be chemistry between the actors. Both shows had that and while they are only on in syndication, there are still many laughs to be had (no matter how many times you have seen the episodes).

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texas_fan said...

I'm so you blogged about this. I just finished watching the Sex and the City movie again. And I was thinking about those women and how they depended so much on each other and the psychology behind it all. The same with the Golden Girls. I think women relate to that and watching it reminds us of the bonds we have with other women and how important they are. If you've never read "The Red Tent" you need to. If you have, you know how women drew strength from one another and still do today. It's something men can never comprehend or understand. Our strength and our ability to cope in life comes from those relationships.