Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My professor in my current class, Organizational Behavior, is in his 70s; I tell you what - I wish my mind was as sharp as his is. This man is more than 30 years older than me and has so much knowledge and his memory is so sharp.

On the first night of class, he told us that when he finished his undergraduate degree, he was offered a graduate assistant assignment at a college in Illinois (see my memory is going, I cannot remember the college). He was the first African American to be offered such an assignment, and it was at a time that African Americans could not even reside on the campus. He had to find lodging elsewhere because of segregation. His parents thought he was crazy to want to take the job, but he said he wanted to see other places.

After the assignment was complete, he was offered a full Ph.D scholarship at Purdue University. Again, his parents wanted him to return home to become a principal. He said, he didn't want to be a principal in his small hometown, so he went to Purdue where he earned a Ph.D in Gerontology, Philosophy and Sociology.

He taught at Florida A&M University for 5 years, before moving here to teach at the University here in town in 1967. He taught there until he retired a few years ago. Right now, he is a full time minister and teaches a few classes here and there because he likes to keep busy.

Dr. Sherman is a very slim man with totally white hair, and a long white beard. I remember that first night of class I thought to myself oh Lord this is going to be the longest four hours. Was I surpised? Just listening to him, he has such wonderful stories and knows so much about so many different things it is interesting to hear him talk. He pulls you in and his age slips away; there is so much information in that mind. Like I said, I hope my mind is that sharp 30+ years from now. Hell, I wish my mind was that sharp now.

There are only two more weeks of class and I am truly going to hate to see this one end.

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