Monday, March 9, 2009


Now any of you that know me, know that I just could not resist.

Why is it that only a select few can have precious moments with Barry but the minute someone else does it is a fabrication? Hmmmmmm

Why are their questions put out there asking who has done this with Barry or how many shows have you been to? Hmmmmmmm

Finally, why are there so many alter egos in cyberspace? Hmmmmmmm

Here is my summation...

I think that the ones that think things are made up because they make things up themselves. I also think they are so jealous of anyone having any kind of opportunity to have personal time with Barry. Especially when that person or persons did not have to stalk him or corner him in order to get it.

It is simple... the questions are put out there as any other jealousy tactic. "Oh I've seen Barry this many times and you haven't." Who cares? We all admit that no matter how many times we have seen him is never enough. Just because we might have not seen him as much as the next does not mean we are any less a fan, just that we have not seen him as many times - THAT'S ALL.

Alteregos in cyberspace? I have been on the internet since the 1990s and there have been alter egos since then..why? On the internet, you can be anything you want to be. Hell, I can be 5'5 with blonde hair and blue eyes if I want to be, but in real life it ain't happening.

People can have their other self, change names and everything about themselves. Some just because they want to have fun, some want to be mean and nasty to others. Either way, they need to question themselves and ask - what is missing in my life to make me want to do something like that to people I don't know?

I think it is chicken, because if you are a REAL man or REAL woman, you should be able to say whatever you say as your alterego. Hiding behind a fake name is just that hiding, and makes you a coward.

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