Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Internet

Remember when the internet first came about? There was warning after warning -

“Don’t meet anyone off the internet, you might end up in a ditch somewhere.”

“People that sit in front of a computer all day chatting with someone else has got to be nuts.”

“Internet crazies…that’s what the are.”

Well, all of these years later, has anything really changed?

I think so.

I believe the internet had a negative image from the get-go anyway. The crazy things that happened were because people were too trusting. That really hasn’t changed. Hang around Barryland for a while, there are many trusting souls there, buying tickets from people they don’t know. Lending money to a stranger. And so on.

Think about it …

You can know someone in real life for a long period of time and they can treat you wrong. You can meet a guy face to face and he is a freakin nut. What’s the difference?

Most of the individuals I have met in Barryland are nice people. I have also met people that I know that our personalities will not mesh and I probably need to stay the Hell away from so I won’t go to jail. Again, there are people I work with every day that I feel that way about though, so what’s the diff?

The internet makes a small world even smaller. It has its benefits.

James and I met online in 1999, WOW that has been a long time. Wonder does he realize it has been that long? Probably not. LOL

There was a chat room that I frequented a lot in my early internet days, and we would meet in different cities. One of the gatherings was in Atlanta, and there was one girl that went missing, we were downtown at the Police Station freaking out at 3am. I thought maybe this internet thing really is nuts. (FYI: The girl did end up okay; she just did not think the group would be worried about her and was plain inconsiderate)

I guess the moral of my story is - there is good and bad in everything you do and everyone you meet, no matter how you meet them. Just remember that.

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