Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When Interest Goes Too Far

This weekend, we heard the tragic news that hit the Travolta family. Their son, Jett, who was 16 years old passed away. It is such a tragedy when a loved one dies, and more so when it is someone young and sudden.

John Travolta is a well known actor, John Travolta is a pilot, but mostly, John Travolta was Jett's father, and is surely heartbroken over the loss of his son.

Why is it anyone's business whether the child had seizures, Kawasaki syndrome, autism, whatever? He had two nannies, he was last seen 10 hours before he was found - SO WHAT?!!! We are not owed any explanation, we are not the family.

It is another case of just because someone chooses a job in the public eye and the public thinks they should have full access to everything.

Let the family alone to grieve and celebrate their loved one's life. In other words, keep your noses out of their business.

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