Monday, January 5, 2009

New Television Season

After the holidays, the television shows kick into gear for the second half of the season. Some shows are just beginning their season (those mid-season replacements), whatever the case may be, I am glad. The reruns were getting old. I was able to catch a few shows I missed for one reason or another, but not too many. It seemed that those that I turned to in hopes of catching an episode I missed - it was an episode that I had seen already. Figures right?

My most anticipated show that will start next week YAHOO!! is 24 with Keifer Sutherland. I was able to see the 2 hour movie that was filmed to help us diehard 24'ers know what Jack had been up to since A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. Yes, a year and a half because when the writers strike ended last year, it was too late for the season to start.

If you are unfamiliar with the premise of the show, Jack Bauer was a federal agent that handled situations that most people would not be able to handle. He was the person that presidents and other high level government agents looked to when the world was in trouble. The show unfolds in real time, hence the title. The entire season is just one day in the life of agent Jack Bauer. The season spans 21 weeks; week one is a 4 hour premiere with 20 subsequent 1-hour shows. Jon Cassar (the director) and the rest of the crew are surely going to take us on the usual roller coaster ride of where you will not know who to trust, except for Jack of course, and which way the season will end.

I have finally found someone that I can talk 24 with, none of my friends ever watched the show, so at the end of the episode when I am totally spent, I had no one to talk to about it. Even though they do not watch the show, my family and friends know the deal,

DO NOT call when the show is on, unless you are smart enough to catch me during a commercial,

DO NOT come by unless you are going to be totally quiet until the commercial,
DO NOT even think about planning anything for that night.

Yes, I am a television junkie. I admit it; my friends call me a walking TV Guide. I can't help it there are worse things I could be.


texas_fan said...

Ok. So...what will we do after the first episode? You know we will want to talk about it. Any ideas about how/when/where???? I AM SO PUMPED!!!

Peachy said...

We can do it on my private blog ... I cannot wait! I saw Redemption this past week. I just love when they tie up Jack; I talk to the screen "Oh, he's gonna kick your a** buddy!" Only a few more days!!!!