Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why are lists made?

We make them in order to remember what to pick up from the grocery store.

We make them in order to list the things we need to accomplish.

There is one list I definitely do not want my name on...and that is the list that the Hilton is compiling of the callers complaining about Friday night. Most of those individuals were not even AT the Hilton on Friday night.

It is a free country and people can do what they desire and feel they should do, however, on the flip side of that, things happen and nothing that happened has never been experienced by Barry before. There seems to be a conflict in whether it was rowdy patrons or technical difficulties. Whichever the case may be, I have been in the audience when both have occurred, so I feel safe in my previous statement that it has happened before.

Barry is a grown man, and does not need a bunch of women calling the Hilton expressing their disapproval about the way his show was handled. If anyone should be complaining - it should be the fans that were AT the show on Friday.

I am curious about the enough security statement though. I have been backstage with Platinum and there was plenty of Security. When Barry goes out into the casino, they surround him so the Security thing is hard for me to swallow BUT if the Hilton is saying it, it could be true. I wasn't there, so I don't know.

The network has been abuzz with the box office said this, and the box office said that. This person has called and talked to the manager and that person has called and left their name and number for the manager.

The conspiracy theorist in me wonders:

What is being done with those names?

How will the customer service be when said persons check into the Hilton?

Will they get a bad room - like a room next to the ice machine or the elevator?

Will their sheets be clean?

Lastly, who else will see that list? Stiletto? Or moreso, Garry? (wouldn't want to feel the wrath of GCK)

Okay, I am getting a little out there, but am I? Is it crazy to wonder those things? Maybe, but it's my blog.


Stephanie said...

I agree with you Peach. Anything can happen in the fan world. I think that has been a proven this past year........

you begin again.... said...

D, this is great!

More later...

BB said...

Glad I am not on this list. Manilow world has gotten a little
out of control, especially at the Hilton.